Happy birthday to the founder of Rulien + Associates, Don Rulien!

Katelyn Senn

July 11, 2019

In honor of Don’s birthday, we’d like to share his reflections on his family life in Alaska and some of his favorite pastimes.

"Alaska offered a wide array of hobbies and adventures for my wife and I, and our family. We owned a sailboat and sailed Resurrection Bay for years with our oldest daughter, but we had to turn the sailboat in when our twins arrived. After that, we built a cabin in the Meadow Lakes area, and it was a great place to raise young kids. We had boating, fishing, inner-tubing and water skiing in the summer, and snow machining in the winter. One of our favorite snow machine rides was on the Deska River to watch the Iditarod. . . and see all of the great dog sledders go by.

Alaska provided us a wonderful life full of opportunities, and fond family memories. Our children are grown, and have lives of their own now. But my wife and I continue to enjoy outdoor hobbies - we love kayaking and treasure our visits with the grandkids."

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